Your Deferred Compensation Plan is sponsored by the City of Los Angeles and supported by the City’s Board of Deferred Compensation Administration, a team of Personnel Department staff, contracted service providers and consultants, and investment managers.

Board of Deferred Compensation Administration Members

John R. Mumma, Chairperson
Active LAFPP Participant Representative

Thomas Moutes, Vice-Chairperson
Retired Participant Representative

Raymond Ciranna
General Manager, LAFPP

Joshua Geller
Active LACERS Participant Representative

Johny Gendjian
Active DWP Participant Representative

Neil Guglielmo
General Manager, LACERS

Linda P. Le
Retirement Plan Manager, DWP

Wendy G. Macy
General Manager, Personnel

Robert Schoonover
Organized Labor Representative

Personnel Department Staff

Steven Montagna, Executive Director

Isaias Cantu, Operations Manager

Matthew Vong, Administration & Operations

Kevin Hirose, Participant Services

Daniel Powell, Communications & Metrics

Claudia Guevara, Loans & Distributions

Sandy Kaur, Research & Communications

Board & Committee Meeting Materials