Financial Counseling Resources Available to Active City Employees

Are you struggling to reduce debts or develop a monthly budget? Has a household member lost a job? Do you need help planning for major financial goals, such as buying a home or sending your children to college?

Managing our financial lives is one of our most challenging responsibilities. Financial pressures can impact your job and personal relationships. Employee Assistance Programs offer resources to help you manage difficult financial issues and take control of your financial affairs.

Employee Assistance Programs typically provide counseling services for the following types of financial issues:

  • Financial Planning

  • Credit Counseling

  • Debt/Budget Management

  • Coping with Financial Change

Most active City employees have access to counseling services through an Employee Assistance Program offered through their employer or union. The following are contact information for Employee Assistance Programs covering City Employees:

Civilian (non-sworn, non-DWP) Employees: (800) 213-5813

Harbor Department Employees: (800) 367-7474

Los Angeles Police Protective League Members: (877) 646-5275

United Firefighters of Los Angeles Members: (800) 252-8352 ext. 3
After Hours:
(213) 250-1212

Department of Water and Power Employees: (888) 439-7327

An Employee Assistance Program typically does not offer investment advice or investment counseling. If you are seeking these services, please contact a certified financial planner or investment counselor.