Investment Options

The Plan provides you with three basic categories of investments designed for distinct types of investors.

The first is the Plan’s easy-to-use risk-based portfolio funds. These are designed for investors who want to keep it simple. You have five portfolio choices distinguished by risk level, from Ultra-Conservative to Ultra-Aggressive. Each portfolio has a broad, diversified mix of underlying investments. In general, the more conservative the portfolio, the less volatility. The more aggressive the portfolio, the more volatility. Learn more about risk-based portfolio funds.

The second category is called the core funds. These funds are designed for investors who would like to customize their investments on their own without having the Plan do it for them. Our core funds include the Plan’s interest-bearing accounts, bond funds, and stock funds. How much or little volatility you see depends entirely on how you construct your individual portfolio. Link more about core funds.

The third category is the Plan’s Self-Directed Brokerage Account through Charles Schwab. The Schwab option provides you access to the broad universe of publicly traded mutual funds, equities, bonds, ETFs, and certificates of deposit. This option is designed for knowledgeable investors who understand the risks and potential volatility associated with self-directed investing. Learn more about Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts.

Investment fees for the risk-based portfolios and core funds have institutional pricing as the City can negotiate lower fees due to its size. Investments within the Schwab option generally have retail pricing.

To manage your investments, log in here, go to Account > Manage Investments > Investment Elections.